630G Cutting plotter

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  • Model: YH630MG
  • Media way: Floor stand
  • Main board: High speed stepping motor, micro-step driver
  • Maximum cutting width: 630mm
  • Interface: USB/Serial port, U-disk port
  • Plotter instruction: DM-PL/HP-GLAutomatic Identification
  • Noise at work: ≤50 DB
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    This cutting plotter can perfectly on cutting vinyl. It's with contour system so that it can cut the design along by its edge. It's very popular in printing industry due to its easy operation and good quality. The Optical eye is a laser pointing device for Contour Cutting. It is supported by software such as vinyl master cut production series (Including in package). Contour Cutting is a feature mainly for cutting around designs from printed material (such as printed iron-on transfer for t-shirt). This feature enables the designer to cut away the excess medium from the design that isn't needed, leaving just the contour feature around your design.

    In order to cut such designs, the machine needs to know how the design is visually and physically layed out on the medium. Combined with Optical Eyes, correct software settings and design layout, it enables the cutter to locate 3 preset reference points down to 0.1mm accuracy, in order to calculate the scale and position of the medium for cutting the design you need at, fraction of the cost of die cutting technology.

    Cut what you want and where you want with SignMaster’s cutting and layout tools such as auto-rotate, mirror, advance after plot, auto speed-weed and easy lift marks. Separate by color and add registration marks with one-click. SignMaster CUT+ARMS and above also includes tiling and paneling for cutting over-wide and over-long artwork and allows you to set an automatic overlap and even equalize the tiles.

    ARMS cutter help you to cut printed design automatically! Easy, convenient and save your time and labor. High precision cutting: 2 mm letters cutting is piece of cake. The integrated grit roller is precisely engineered to provide super tracking ability. To make sure 5 mm without divination.




    Media way

    Floor stand

    Main board

    High speed stepping motor, micro-step driver

    Maximum cutting width



    USB/Serial port, U-disk port

    Plotter instruction

    DM-PL/HP-GLAutomatic Identification

    Noise at work

    ≤50 DB

    Package size


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