Flag printing machine

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  • Model: YH1800
  • Printhead: Epson i3200/dx5
  • Quantity of heads: 2
  • Maximum print width: 1800mm
  • Printing Speed: 40 square meters per hour
  • Hydraulic system: 8 pass, 24 square meters per hour
  • RIP software: Maintop, Photo print
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    1. Using Konica KM512i printhead/30pl, faster speed, enrich the saturability, bright color with the picture.

    2. Having the particular precision control technology for the ink sumdge, made the image more smooth.

    3. One piece grider, stronger beam for the carriager, improving the printing carriager’s stability and precision.

    4. Industrial winding and putting system, confirm the high precision, without crimping, printing with good quality.

    5. Using high power Leadshine servo moto and three-level cartridge, made the high-speed printing more stability.



    Model: BSL3208

    Printhead: Epson i3200/dx5

    Ink droplet: 30pl

    Printhead quantity: 4/8

    Color: 4

    Resolution: 720dpi

    Adjustable height: 1-10mm

    Maximum printing width: 3.2m

    Ink type: Solvent ink

    Feeding&Take-up system: Auto Feeding&Take-up system

    Material: PVC flex banner, Vinyl, one-way vision, canvas, etc.

    Photo file format: PSD/DWG/HPG/HGL/PLT/PS/EPS/2PS

    Printing process: Maintop direct output

    Cleaning system: Automatic cleaning system(protect printhead during night)

    Print interface: USB

    Software: Maintop/Photoprint/Wasatch

    Package size: 4800*1030*1580mm

    Gross weight: 950KG

    Print speed: 2 pass, 260-460㎡/h       3pass, 180-300㎡/h

    BSL3208 (8)
    BSL3208 (10)
    BSL3208 (9)
    BSL3208 (11)
    BSL3208 (12)
    BSL3208 (13)
    BSL3208 (14)
    BSL3208 (15)
    BSL3208 (16)

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