How to choose a large foramt printer correctly when opening an advertising shop?

When opening an advertising shop, many friends often ask: I want to open an advertisement production shop, I want to buy a photo machine, inkjet printer, and engraving machine. Can this match work? Which brands are commonly used in the market at present have better stability?
Here are some references for you to relieve your worries before opening a store.
How to measure the pros and cons of a photo machine now? I think we should mainly consider stability and speed. What are the different advantages that stability and speed can bring to customers?
The first point: Stability: As long as it is stable, it can be low-cost, and the cost is reduced to obtain higher profits
Shenzhen Wuteng Photographic Machine currently uses the mainstream piezoelectric 5th generation print head. The piezoelectric head uses a scientific normal temperature ink ejection method, which will not damage the nozzle, so it can ensure the long life of the print head.

1. The stability brought by the principle of ink ejection of the nozzle; because the piezoelectric nozzle head adopts a scientific normal temperature ink ejection method, this ink ejection method will not damage the nozzle, and can ensure the long life of the nozzle. The theoretical data is about 35,000 square meters. Meters, so the printer using piezoelectric nozzles has a nozzle loss of about RMB 0.1 per square meter, which is much lower than the nozzle loss of a printer with hot ink of 0.3-0.5 yuan per square meter.
2. The working stability of the continuous long image of the print head; because of the scientific ink ejection method of the print head, in the actual printing process, the long image will not be disconnected, and the printing requirement of roll to roll can be achieved. The stability of the continuous long graph brings about the improvement of the yield, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing the cost.
3. The stability of the whole machine system; Shenzhen Wuteng Photographic Machine adopts a stable control system, a reasonable secondary ink cartridge ink supply system, and a matching release and retraction system to meet the roll-to-roll printing requirements, and it can do it during the work process. Up to a single person can operate 2-3 printers, so that the customer’s employment costs are reduced, (in the current enterprise operation, the labor cost is getting higher and higher).
The second point: speed = lower cost = guarantee of development
Shenzhen Wuteng photo machine 1 head 4PASS prints 12 square meters, this speed is far ahead of the thermal foaming machine, comparable to imported press motors, 2 heads 4PASS prints 23 square meters, currently only MUTOH 1816 can have this printing speed, but The price is around 130,000.
1. Speed ​​= cost reduction. Now society’s labor costs are rising, and water and electricity costs are rising. If we invest in our machines, the speed is twice that of ordinary machines, which means the same amount of work is done, but we can save half Employing wages and half of the water and electricity consumption reduce the cost of customers. It is also a very objective profit that accumulates over time.
2. Speed ​​= business guarantee. Assuming that the customer has a processing business of 2000 square meters per month, but the key point is that he does not give you an average of 60 square meters per day. There may be no orders for 4 or 5 days, and it may give you 600 square meters. You are required to deliver the goods in three days, or even faster. At this time, it is impossible for you to have no fast processing ability, so the business may be lost, so the fast processing ability is the guarantee of the business. At the same time, you can have faster processing capacity in the same time, which means you can make more profits and make customers develop better.
To sum up, this is why stability and speed are currently the main measures of the pros and cons of a photo machine.

Post time: Feb-03-2021