How to clean up the nozzle of the large format printer after it is blocked?

No.1 ink pump cleaning

When the ink stack is in the initial position, use a syringe with a hose to connect to the waste ink tube to draw about 5ml of ink forcefully. Do not rebound the inner tube of the syringe, which will cause color mixing in each nozzle. During the ink drawing process If the nozzle protector is not tightly sealed, you can gently move the ink cart by hand to ensure a good seal between the nozzle and the nozzle protector.

No. 2 injection pump cleaning

Move the head of the car to the waste ink tray. The hose connects the syringe with cleaning fluid to the ink needle of the nozzle, inject and withdraw with proper pressure, until the nozzle sprays a complete thin line vertically.

No.3 print cleaning

Use “nozzle cleaning fluid” to replace the ink that has clogged nozzles, and use vector graphics software to print the color blocks of that color until the clogging of the nozzles is cleared, and replace with the original ink.
The above is easy to affect the operation of the photo machine nozzle, the user must pay attention to it during the daily work and use of the photo machine.

Post time: Mar-26-2021