Summary of common problems in heat transfer

Question: Can my product use your heat transfer?
Answer: With the development of heat transfer technology, the application range is very wide, such as T-shirts, shoes, hats, aprons, scarves, bags, pencil cases, leather and other materials can be hot stamped.
Question: What is the difference between heat transfer and screen printing?
Answer: Heat transfer and screen printing are two different processes, but the result is the same, the pattern is printed on the product. Screen printing is to use the screen plate to squeeze the ink to the product. The heat transfer is to print the pattern on the PET film by the color printer, and then the glue is printed by the screen printer.
Question: What are the advantages of heat transfer and other printing?
Answer: The price is affordable. The cost of heat transfer is relatively high for customers with small quantities. The relative silk screen price will be higher. If you are in large quantities, it will be cheaper than silk printing. Comfortable hand feeling Heat transfer film has matte, bright, flat, and other effects. Different effects make it smooth and soft. Bright colors. Since the heat transfer is printed by a color printer, there is no color restriction. Multi-color mixed color gradient color can be printed at one time. Convenient operation No need to provide fabrics to us, you can process and produce the goods yourself, which is convenient and fast, and reduces shipping costs.
Question: How can I confirm the quality of my product?
Answer: There are many types of heat transfer. Of course, the heat transfer process is different according to different requirements. Usually, the requirements for color fastness, washing resistance and elasticity are not high. It is recommended that customers make ordinary quality and the price is relatively cheape



Post time: Apr-27-2021