The differences between i3200 printhead and xp600 printhead

i3200 printhead and XP600 printhead are two common printhead types. They have some differences in the following aspects: Printing resolution, drop size, printing speed, application fields, equipment cost.
The i3200 printhead usually has a higher printing resolution, up to 1440dpi, while the printing resolution of the XP600 printhead is generally lower than the maximum 1440dpi.
Drop size: i3200 printheads typically have smaller drop sizes, typically less than 4pl, while XP600 printheads typically have drop sizes between 4-6pl. Smaller drop sizes provide higher print resolution and smoother color transitions.
Printing speed: The i3200 printhead usually prints faster, and its printing speed can reach more than 120 square meters per hour, while the printing speed of the XP600 printhead is generally around 10 square meters per hour. Application fields: Because the i3200 print head has higher resolution and faster printing speed, it is widely used in fields that require high printing quality and production efficiency, such as outdoor advertising, interior decoration, signage production, etc. The XP600 printhead is commonly used in smaller homes and office environments, and is suitable for printing photos, documents and daily office documents.
Equipment cost: Generally speaking, the equipment cost of i3200 printhead is higher than that of XP600 printhead. This is because the i3200 printhead is usually used in professional-grade and industrial-grade printing equipment, while the XP600 printhead is widely used in mid- to low-end printing equipment. It should be noted that the above differences are only a general description of the i3200 print head and the XP600 print head. In fact, different equipment and different manufacturers may improve and optimize these two types of printheads, making them different in some aspects. Therefore, it is best to refer to the detailed specifications and performance parameters provided by the manufacturer before making a specific purchase.

Post time: Nov-07-2023