The wrong ink is added to the large format printer, easy to do in one operation!

There are two types of inks for the large format printer, one is water-based ink and the other is eco-solvent ink. The two inks cannot be mixed, but in actual using, due to various reasons, there may be a problem of the wrong ink being added to the large format printer. So when encountering this kind of situation, how should we deal with it quickly and effectively?

xp600 inkThe hazards of ink mixing

Inks with different properties cannot be mixed. If water-based inks and weak solvent inks are mixed, the chemical reaction of the two inks will produce deposits, which will block the ink supply system and nozzles.

Except that inks with different properties cannot be mixed, inks from different manufacturers with the same properties cannot be mixed.

When you accidentally add wrong ink to the large format printer, you must first determine which part of the ink supply system the newly added ink has entered, and then make different treatments according to the specific situation.


  1. When the ink has just entered the ink cartridge and has not yet flowed into the ink supply path: In this case, only the ink cartridge needs to be replaced or cleaned.
  2. When the ink enters the ink supply path but has not yet entered the nozzle: In this case, clean the entire ink supply system, including ink cartridges, ink tubes and ink sacs, and replace these components if necessary.
  3. When the ink enters the print head: At this time, in addition to cleaning and replacing the entire ink circuit (including ink cartridges, ink tubes, ink sacs, and ink stacks), you also need to remove the print head of the printer immediately and thoroughly clean it with cleaning fluid.

The print head of the large format printer is a very delicate part. Be careful during work and try not to add the wrong ink. If it does happen accidentally, you should deal with it as soon as possible according to the above steps to prevent unnecessary damage to the nozzle.

Post time: May-21-2021