What is the common sense of using large format printer?

If the canvas roll is relatively large or heavy and does not move during the printing and output of the printer, it will affect the screen, and horizontal stripes will appear on the screen, which will also make the canvas walking size non-standard. If this happens You can open the canvas to make the cloth travel evenly, and at the same time, pay attention to the two paper presses to ensure that the paper feeds normally during the printout process.

Due to the printing and printing process of the photo machine, the equipment is sensitive to static electricity, so the ground wire of the equipment should be handled under the guidance of the installer. When printing, pay attention to connecting the ground wire to prevent static electricity from causing unknown printing problems.

The use environment of the printer should pay attention to the influence of temperature and humidity, avoid excessively humid or dry environment, pay attention to the surface of the machine, clean the surface of the machine in time, remove the debris, shredded paper, residual ink, etc. on the surface of the machine.

The parameter settings of the printer contacting the computer system cannot be changed at will, especially the settings of the online IP address, the installation of the driver, and the addition of Montai printing.

Note that the motor cannot push the trolley when it is charged, otherwise it will easily cause various dislocations; if the trolley is too noisy when it is walking, check the wear and tear of the slider to see if there is any problem.

It is necessary to check the wear condition of the data transmission cable in the drag chain regularly to ensure that there is no open circuit, short circuit and signal interference. Whether the data line of the machine and the computer is in good contact, for example, the network cable of the network port printer is in good contact with the computer network card.

Pay attention to the storage of printing consumables, such as ink storage and sealed storage, and moisture-proof printing paper materials.

Pay attention to the daily maintenance of the print head, especially for outdoor oil-based ink printers. It is recommended to print once a day to avoid prolonged printing stop which may cause ink clogging of the print head. Do a good job of cleaning and maintaining the print head and moisturizing the ink stack.


Post time: Apr-27-2021