YH-BH-1530 high-end version Fiber laser engraver and cutter

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  • Model: YH-BH-1530H
  • Working area(mm): 1500*3000
  • Laser style: Fiber laser
  • Laser power: 1000w(500-3000 for optional)
  • Cutting speed: <60m/min according on materials
  • Driving way: Imported servo motor and driving
  • Transmission way: Imported gear rack and linear guide rail
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    1000w laser cutting machine adopt imported Japan AC servo motor drive system, machine movement using grinding screw drive, linear guide to ensure that the equipment of high speed, high precision, high reliability, widely used in glasses, Electronics, electrical appliances and other precision machinery hardware, microelectronics industry. Widely used in glasses, electronics, electrical appliances and other precision machinery hardware, microelectronics industry. 600 ℃ high temperature heat treatment, 24 hours with the furnace cooling, 8 m gantry milling finishing, precision carbon dioxide protection welding, to ensure that 20 years of normal use without deformation. Guide installation and commissioning using precision collimator test, the accuracy of less than 0.01mm. High precision, fast speed, smooth cutting surface without burrs. Configuration Japan Yaskawa inertia servo system transmission accuracy is high. Fully enclosed shield protection. Professional for cutting a variety of thin sheet metal, carbon steel plate, stainless steel, galvanized sheet can also be cut, electrolytic plates and other metal materials.

    1. Adopt the world's advanced fiber laser, fixed optical circuit design, optical circuit maintenance-free, low operation cost, good cutting quality high processing efficiency.

    2. mechanical structure adopts gantry styles ,cross girder and lathe bed are made of welding structure,gear rack transmission,double servo motors and drivers in Y, with accelerate speed up to 0.8G, ensures machine high speed as well as high precision.

    3. Stable and reliable laser path system and CNC control system is easy to beam and simple to operate.

    4. Adopt top brand fiber laser source, excellent laser beam, stable laser output, and precising cutting.


    Model YH-BH-1530H
    Working area(mm) 1500*3000
    Laser style Fiber laser
    Laser power 1000w(500-3000 for optional)
    Cutting speed <60m/min according on materials
    Driving way Imported servo motor and driving
    Transmission way Imported gear rack and linear guide rail
    Power requirements 380V  50Hz
    Auxiliary gas O2 N2 or compressed air
    Min line width 0.01mm
    Cutting depth 0.2-20mm according to materials
    Re positioning accuracy 0.01mm

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