8 in 1 heat press machine

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  • Quantity of Cone-shaped Coasters: 2 pcs (different sizes)
  • Size of cap pad: 8*15cm
  • Size for the T-shirt heat press: 29*38cm
  • Size of the coaster: 70 or 80
  • Diameter of the big plate: 15.5cm
  • Diameter of the small plate: 12.5cm
  • Net weight: 20KG
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    Multifunctional heat press machine is consisted of 8 accessories, they are T-shirt heating board ,mug heating machine(4 sizes),cap heating mat( 1sizes) and heating plate (2 sizes). This machine enjoys multifunction in one machine, it can be used for transferring on T-shirt, mug, plate, cap and so on. Moreover, the heating accessory can be joined. It can be circumvolved 180degrees and is convenient to take off the transferred materials and can be used for transferring on certain thick materials. You can replace the heating plate easily and conveniently without using any special tools. This combo heat press is the synonym of the best heat press technology, even more powerful than the 6-in-1 press. Any image and any shapes of objects, as long as you can think of, can be realized during sublimation in this 8-in-1 press. It is not just a collection of different press techniques, but a demonstration of aesthetics, innovation and imagination.   Features: This machine triumphs any other press machines with its unparalleled compact functions and strong competitiveness; Thanks to its all-in-one capability, this machine owns the best press effect, even though the price turns to be attractive; The steel main structure together with the silicon accessories constitute the most reasonable assembly, presenting you a durable and truly professional press device; With the blue appearance, the machine is found in a most harmonious existence in your dream of the sublimation business.   ◆Most complete function ◆Intelligent constant temperature, the operation is simple ◆Strong stability  ◆The market sell like hot cakes type ◆Factory direct sales ◆Technical guarantee and after-sale guarantee ◆All-weather after-sales consultation  


    Quantity of Cone-shaped Coasters 2 pcs (different sizes)
    Machine power 1800W
    Up heating 800W
    Size of cap pad 8*15cm
    Size for the T-shirt heat press 29*38cm
    Size of the coaster 70 or 80
    Diameter of the big plate 15.5cm
    Diameter of the small plate 12.5cm
    Net weight 20KG
    Gross weight 23KG
    Packing size 54*42*27cm
    Certification CE, SGS

    1-in-1-heat-press-machine-14 1-in-1-heat-press-machine-15 1-in-1-heat-press-machine-16 1-in-1-heat-press-machine-17


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